Blogher D.C. had ended. Dinner with Min Sook Lee was over. Tired, that explains how I was feeling. Except, I was only going to be able to talk with these women for a few short hours before I had to fly home to Michigan. I wanted to make the most of my time. Jennifer of The Smart Mama, Jessica of Surely You Nest, now Green Phone Booth and I decided to head to the Hyatt Bar and test more toys for lead and toxins. Why not? We got many weird looks but you know what, it was worth it and a ton of fun! You’ll hear lots of laughter on the video, showing just how much fun testing toys for lead at bar can be!

Jessica sums up our toxic toys testing at The Green Phone Booth but the video adds some humor and life to the story. The Flip Video was very handy but all you hear is my voice! I uncovered how toxic a purse was that I recently purchased and now I’m concerned about other purses, wallets and items I own. Oh, I’ll never give my little one my keys to chew on again. Yikes! Remember, there are NO safe levels of lead to be found in your body.

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