Soy is a great way to consume protein and an alternative for vegetarians or those that are lactose intolerant. Silk, a well know company that makes great soy based products does it’s best to be transparent about it’s products. According to Silk they only use whole-harvested, non GMO soybeans that are grown in North America. An option Silk is offering it’s consumers is the TraceIt option. By going to their TraceIt site and plugging in the manufacturer’s code and expiration on the carton you can follow your carton of silk from crop-to-carton. The site will navigate you through the soymilk production process and show you where your soybeans were grown. Silk believes it’s important to educate people about what they are drinking and to know where their soybeans come from.

Silk is not only concerned about the health of their consumers but also for the health of the environment. They are working with farmers to ensure their farms are well managed to prevent erosion, soil degradations, stream contamination, and to conserve energy and water. While they admit their process isn’t perfect they are always looking for additional ways to help the environment and reduce their impact.

Luckily my daughter is not lactose intolerant and will eat anything you throw in front of her but it’s important to our family that she eats as healthy as possible. Each day we are learning more and more about the chemicals, toxins, and modification of our food that we once thought was healthy. It’s reassuring that there are companies that are choosing non-GMO and organic ways to manufacture their products. It’s also nice to be able to track where your food is coming from, hopefully more companies will follow in the food steps of responsible companies like Silk and others.

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