Cupcakes, wine and cell phone chargers make the world a better place. Okay, they make traveling a lot easier. Especially if you’re traveling with my sister because it’s an adventure and you need all the help you can get!

She says she has a black travel cloud that hangs over her head. I believe her. Unfortunately, traveling with her means the black cloud follokiws you too!

Regardless, I love having her as my traveling buddy. You can’t help but laugh.

To start off our trip to Atlanta this last weekend for the Type-A Conference, I get a text message at 4am that tells me she hardly slept and has a killer migraine. Not good.  We planned all day to lounge by the pool and shop but she was feeling sick.

Then on my way to the airport I get a frantic call that she can’t make the flight. Go without her, she’s lost her keys. It’s 5:30am and our flight is leaving in one hour. I’m literally seconds from pulling into the airport parking lot. She has no idea where her keys are.

I’m not going without her, duh. So I turn around and speed through back roads, praying I don’t get pulled over or hit a deer. I literally was racing and it was far from safe or okay. My adrenaline kicked in and the only thing I could think of was that we’d miss our plane and wouldn’t be able to get on the next flight. We fly out of a very small puddle jumper airport, the options are limited.

I’m not sure I stopped the van when I pulled into her driveway. It was more of a rolling stop and she jumped into the van and through her suitcase in the back. I’m sure it was a sight to see but luckily it was still dark out!

Oh it just gets better and better. We have to check our luggage because there isn’t room on the plane and the security guy told us we had 2 minutes or we’d miss the plane and could no longer check in. Some dumb airline rule about getting their x number of minutes before your flight but whoever created this rule is dumb. They obviously have never lost their keys or traveled with my sister.

My sister has no luggage tag. Of course she doesn’t. She doesn’t own luggage, she just borrows everyone else’s. Usually mine but this time I need it! To track her luggage she uses a garbage bag tie. Thrifty and unique! Who can’t laugh, she’s a hoot!

Thankfully, we made it. Her headache wore off and we found the pool and wine. We also discovered a cupcake ATM and ZinBurger, a wine and hamburger restaurant. OMG…need I say more? Who cares that while walking my sister falls into a BMW as we are crossing the road in traffic, which you’re probably not supposed to do and isn’t safe.  And who cares that we hear a gun shot, which isn’t something you should hear in a city. Come to find out, while watching the nightly news, there was a shooting at the mall. The mall where we ate and found the cupcake ATM!  The black cloud couldn’t win because we found hamburgers, wine and cupcakes.

Through it all we just laugh. Cell phones dying, a strange city we don’t know and all the drama that took place, we just brush it off. We’re on vacation and we’re kid free. We’re eating, drinking, sleeping and having fun. We have our Rayovac Phone Boost 800 with us if we need an instant charge so we can call home to be rescued. In fact, I never travel without it because if you have an emergency and your phone is dead, what will you do? What if that stupid black travel cloud that follows us would have won? You have to be prepared while travelling and having fun – especially if you’re with my sister! And the Rayovac Phone Boost 800 is small, fits in your purse and can give you up to 150 minutes of talk time. Charge it and reuse it over and over. It’s a lifesaver. Kind of like the cupcake ATM!

Lessons learned from this long and hopefully amusing story:

  • Don’t lose your keys before you fly.
  • When in a pinch you can use a garbage tie to identify your luggage. I think it might be a new trend.
  • Always have the Rayovac Phone Boost 800 in your purse; you never know when you’ll have a dead phone and an emergency.
  • Don’t let black clouds that follow you ruin your day. Find the sunshine.
  • Oh and eat cupcakes!

Disclaimer: I’m a Rayovac Ambassador and I also really love my sister, cupcakes, wine and traveling. 

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