Scotties Trees Rock Video Contest

Last year at this time, I shared with you a fun contest, where 3rd – 6th graders could win $10,000 for their school. Guess what, the contest is BACK! And you read that correctly, 3rd-6th graders have a chance to win $10,000 for their school! That’s a lot of green and the best part, the focus in green. Here’s the scoop and I’d love it if you’d share this with friends, teachers and schools.

Trees Rock Video Contest

  • Make a 3 minute video about why TREES rock. Yes, trees. Why do we need them? What’s your favorite kind of tree? What would our life be like without trees?
  • The video can be a group video or just one 3rd-6th grader. Have fun with this, be creative! Go wild and use your imagination but remember only 3 minutes!!
  • After the video is completed, submit it by entering the Scotties® Trees Rock® video contest.

Easy and pie, so why not enter! If you know of a 3rd-6th grader, share this because what school couldn’t use $10,000!! For all the details and rules visit Scotties Trees Rock. You only have until November 13, 2015, so hurry!

Scotties Tree Planting Promise

Did you know that Scotties is considered the top facial tissue manufacturer in the U.S. and the Trees Rock is an effort to promote their tree planting initiative in the U.S.? The company has over a 50-year history of ward-winning responsible forest management. They’ve planted over 944 million trees. We all use tissues, so it’s good to know that if you buy Scotties tissues, the company isn’t just cutting down trees so you can blow your nose. Their planting trees too! Learn more about their sustainable forestry here and the company’s tree planting promise. For every one tree they use, they plant three. How cool is that?

Disclaimer:  I was compensated for my time to share this awesome contest with you! I hope you share it and enter! Good luck! 

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