truviaA zero calorie sweetener in my coffee, it’s part of my day. I’ve used the Stevia and love it but when I heard of Truvia I had to give it a try. Recently I wrote about the FDA and the Stevia uproar, which makes me so happy to see things changing. Natural no calorie sweeteners are far better and yes tastier than artificial sweeteners.

Everything was crazy at my house this last weekend with my daughters 2nd birthday part and then me flying off to Detroit for the North American International Auto Show but when family came to town and I was out of sugar, Truvia to the rescue. Guess what? My teen cousin, didn’t even notice! She loved the flavor and thought it was just regular sugar in her coffee. Some have compared Truvia to splendid but natural and better. My opinion, it’s sweet, natural and has no nasty aftertaste.  The FDA even says Truvia is safe and that’s a plus, if you care about their okay.

What do you have to lose?

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