Aren’t we all? Maybe we do this or that, just trying to be a little more green and eco-savvy. No easy feat on top of having to pay bills, do the laundry, drive the kids here, buy this, potty train, cook, pack lunches and yes, shower and brush our teeth.  Getting tips and support from other moms sure does help. It also makes me feel like I’m not the only one. Hence, Green and Clean Mom Community.

I started this community of moms so that moms like myself could connect, share, support, gab, make new friends, learn new tips and best of all be themselves. I’d love for this online community of moms to grow large and be a form of revenue but mostly I want it to be personal and real. I want for moms to comment regularly, visit often and actually enjoy the forum. I see some groups with hundreds upon hundreds of members but they don’t actually have a “community”.   That is my goal, a community of green moms. Moms being eco-moms but best of all being themselves.

With that being said, I was having a hard time actually communicating with all the new members and reaching out to welcome them. It was actually the one reservation I had about starting this online community. I had a vision but as a one woman show, the vision was getting blurry and so I asked for help. I put it out there to the community members that this green mama was needing some administrative help to run the forum. Vague job description and terrible pay…nothing. Yeah, I know. I feel bad but there is no money to be paid, yet.  If advertisers would come knocking down my door or the grant I applied for would come through, I would happily share revenue. It’s just not there.  If you want to sponsor this online community of moms going green that are loyal and visitors and participants, hello…let me know!

Here is where “Trying to Be Greener” comes in, Kirstin. A fabulous mommy of a 7 month old baby girl who is literally, Trying to Be Greener and blogging about it. I think her personal blog is really genuine and it actually reminds me of when I began blogging in September of 2007. My favorite post is about dryer sheets and her frustration, it’s a great mom view.  She’s active everyday on at the community and posts on some great topics, green wood stain, toxic free liquid detergent and more. This mom is what the community is all about, try to be green and interacting with other moms doing the same. Kirstin gets no pay (yet) and no benefits (so to speak). Yet she graciously volunteered to help administer the website. In my book, she is a green angel.  Publicly, I want to thank her because she is what is helping to hold the community together. Welcoming new members, managing featured posts and basically helping me run the show. The least I can do is send some traffic, maybe some companies wanting a review and some link love her way!

I’m clapping right now so please join me. Maybe she’ll hear this.

Green and Clean Mom the Community is really trying to step it up. We are featuring five weekly members, we are seeking out members that want to contribute on a weekly basis and post some unique content. The aim is get a few new posts on the main page each day. Meaning fresh content for the members!  There are lots of forums out there and evey other person or site is starting a ning group and trying to get members, I know. I’m part of a dozen! So why join and participate in the Green and Clean Mom Community? I can’t answer that for you but I’m pretty sure if you give it a whirl you’ll be glad you did.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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