Note: This article was originally published at Mom Talk Network as a guest post I did two years ago!

I’ve wanted to write about this for quite some time, after finding a blog called Green Fertility. It seemed like an oxymoron to me and for someone who had been through the ringer when it comes to infertility and conceiving my two babies, I roll my eyes at the thought of “greening” your fertility. When someone wants to have a baby, they want to be safe but their focus and goal is to get pregnant and have a baby. If you’re like me and you tried for years and years with different drugs and procedures the idea of being earth friendly to conceive just doesn’t mean too much.

Infertility and Hormone Therapy

When it comes to infertility and drugs, the idea is to take a pill or shot that stimulates ovulation. That’s a very simple explanation but basically that’s what’s happening. There are actually several different infertility treatments and it depends on the individual problem. In my case I gave myself a shot everyday and had two ultrasounds to monitor the growth of my follicles. When the follicles were large enough to release an egg and there were not a dozen healthy eggs to be released, I received a shot in the bum and the follicles would release their hopefully healthy eggs within 24 hours. I had 24 hours to do the horizontal limbo and make a precious baby. No vacation, relaxation or lack of hormones to be more green were going to help me get pregnant. It just wasn’t happening because I have hypothalamic amenorrhea and my brain just is not going to tell my body to make the correct amount of hormones to release eggs or help follicles become ripe. So what does this greening your fertility mean and is it possible? For me to get pregnant no, I cannot green my infertility process and use fewer drugs or less invasive procedures. Some women can, based on their diagnosis. Maybe if you have to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) and you can allow the follicles to “ripen” on there own and then be harvested and implanted with the sperm? It really depends on your specialist and your individual problem.

Go Green With Fertility

This doesn’t mean you can’t green your fertility and live healthier lifestyles. I tried for years and was overweight and that only added more infertility issues. It was like piling more bricks on top of an already weighted down problem. I lost 50 pounds and maintained this loss before I tried to conceive with my second child. I didn’t want the struggles and I wanted to be healthier. After my first month of infertility treatment I was pregnant. That would be an example of living healthier and greening your fertility.

When it comes to going green with fertility you have to think about all the chemicals you breath and consume each day. This has something to do with you and your partner being healthy and conceiving but it also has to do with your future spawn and their fertility. What you do impacts your eggs and your partners’ sperm count and vitality. My mother grew up when they sprayed towns with pesticides to prevent bugs and the children biked behind the cloud of pesticides. I wonder if there’s a correlation between all of her chemical exposure and my infertility?

To green fertility you have to start getting rid of the daily toxins, eliminate all the hormone-laden foods and artificial colors. This isn’t too difficult if you really think about having a baby and making sure they don’t have to go through infertility issues. What could be a better motivation than having a healthy baby and knowing they will someday be able to do the same because you had some forethought?

I‘ll be looking forward to Thursday, Feb 25, 2010:  A one hour show of The View, themed “trying to have a baby?”Guests include Giuliana And Bill Rancic and I’m  hoping they talk about greening your lifestyle if you’re trying!

What pointers and tips do you have for going green with fertility?

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