Yesterday I had dinner with our local Lions Club to talk with them more about our Great Start Collaborative and I was reminded of their eyeglass recycling program. I love my eyeglasses, I’m actually a bit addicted to the fashion and design of eyeglasses; I have a display case in my bathroom because I keep finding new pairs.

The sad truth of the matter is, there are children and people in our country and third world countries that are in need of one pair so they can see. The Lions Club International helps to make this possible and it is as simple as donating your used eyeglasses at a local center. Our local Wal-Mart is one location I’ve seen the boxes labeled, Lions Recycle for Sight. Learn more about how the program works how you can help and find a local Lions eyeglass recycling center near you. Giving the sight of a vision couldn’t be more important and the fact that you’re recycling is a bonus!

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