My name is Sommer and I like soda and sparkling water. Yup, that is me and I love sparkling water with a zing of lemon or a zest of flavor to give it a little kick. I try hard every day to drink 6-8 glasses of water and having the option of drinking a zero calorie naturally flavored sparkling water an extra treat every now and then. Plus, I have a sweet tooth and a sweet beverage sometimes just hits the spot!

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Lately I’ve been using SodaSparkle which means I get to re-use my plastic bottles, save money and not buy diet soda from the store and can quickly make pre-measured servings with their flavor sticks because sometimes I want a lot of flavor and other times just a little. I have to say, I’m very thankful that SodaSparkle sent me their product to review because the flavors taste great; I especially like the pineapple flavor, which surprises me because I don’t ordinarily like this flavor. The bottles are BPA free and I always keep a chilled flavored sparkling water ready for me to enjoy and can make a new chilled soda very quickly. SodaSparkle is perfect for camping too because our camper has limited refrigerator space and storage!  In fact the SodaSparkle is not a counter top appliance; unit is compact and stores quickly out of sight.  You can also take it anywhere you go!  So besides the fact that it cuts down on waste significantly, I’m saving space! I love this feature because I hate cluttered counter-tops!

SodaSparkle does use sucralose and for some people this might be an issue. For me, I like that this is a zero calorie alternative and my research tells me that like everything else, moderation is key. I actually prefer the taste in comparison to other alternative sweeteners. I’m not big on having the kids have alternative sweeteners period but each person has to make their own decision but I say when in doubt speak with your personal physician. I found interesting facts on sucralose here and here but for me, I try hard to live as healthy as possible and when I want to make a “sweet” choice I like to aim for moderation and for me this an acceptable alternative in moderation. Again, I like the flavor, remember I like my soda and sparkling flavored water!

See how easy it is to use by watching this quick YouTube demonstration or check out their Facebook page for updates, specials and news:

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