At one point I was annoyed that there wasn’t a cool application or way to see the progression of my clients Twitter progress with graphs, predictions, stats and data that basically make a companies eyes light up because most of the time they can comprehend numbers.

When the line on the graph goes up that is good.

For real though, I have tried to do it manually, I’ve used Scout Labs and tracked Twitter feeds but I wanted and craved for something more. Same as I crave for an entire bag of salty chips as I type this. I am forgoing the salty chips but I no longer need to wait for the Twitter graphs, chart and data to send to clients or to even use myself. I am very fulfilled at this moment despite a severe salt craving.

Then I found something almost as good as salt, Twitter Counter gives me everything I need (minus the salt). For clients and companies I am finding that Twitter Counter does the following:

A) How the competitors are doing, who they are following, how long they have been on Twitter and their stats to do some comparison.
B) Seeking the trends and where there needs to be improvement made.
C) Assessing the competition and seeing what there trends are and where my company or client needs to go.
D) Keeping up with my client and finding out how they are doing without me holding their hand.
E) Stats and data comes in a readable, digestible, quantifiable form that doesn’t mean you have to be a social media geek to understand it.

Personally, Twitter Counter has become another online social media addiction that unfortunately is not making me skinner. I love to now see my line go up, where I rank and my personal trends. Of course, I could be wasting my time if I am not really assessing the data and just doing an ego check.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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