Lot of moms wanted to be sexy, sassy and green, toting a CamelBak water bottle! I had 43 comments posted and with the variety of ways to win there were a total of 120 entries. I entered them all into a spread sheet, printed them out and cut them up. My baby girl grabbed a handful out of a hat (don’t have a handful to giveaway) so I had to help her out. The two luck winners are Melonie with 6 entries and SheShe with 1 entry! Congrats ladies, you can now sport the new CamelBak BPA free water bottle and know that your helping the planet by using a safe reusable water bottle. I’d love to get these out to you ASAP so please contact me (link above my picture) with your address.

Oh, and ladies who didn’t win…no worries. I have many more contests to help promote green living, so keep on coming back for more. Thanks for all the comments and posts. I try to get to all of your blogs and leave comments but with my sick baby girl this week it was hard. I’m so glad there’s a growing number moms reading this blog daily, it means that the message is getting out there. We do care! We want to make a difference and live as green as possible!! Way to go moms!

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