When you were little did you ever create a club and have members? When I was in elementary school we had a club and a clubhouse and special members, knocks on the door, dues, etc. It was great fun. I don’t remember the name of it. Had another group of kids created a club with a similar name I might get ticked off but what could I have done? Teepee their clubhouse? Three grown women created an online clubhouse for women bloggers to tell other women bloggers about great articles, blogs and content. They named it, Skirt. Well there just happened to be another club name Skirt but they publish a free magazine. Instead of using some teepee and just getting mad, they used money, lawyers and bullying tactics and made the ladies of Skirt change their name. Actually the ladies that created their online club weren’t made to do anything; they gave a little Kirtsy and like ladies decided to change the name of their popular online “club”. It just wasn’t worth the money to fight it. Ahhh, smart tactic because now they have lots of traffic and this has grown to be a very popular topic amongst bloggers. The women also trademarked the name, Kirtsy. Not a bad idea but it’s close to $2,000 or more to do this and I know because of a service I’ve used called, Legal Zoom. Probably why many bloggers and people don’t go through with it.

How does this relate to my blog or why should you care? I started thinking about what it means to name something and a blogs branding. Did you research your blog name? What about Green & Clean Mom, did I research it? Yes I did. However, what if someone took my name? What would I do? How would I feel? What if I took someone’s name? It’s controversial and the people over at the Skirt magazine, in my opinion, had a right to feel upset. They had a registered trademarked name that costed them a lot of money to get. The ladies of Kirtsy, had bad legal advise and that isn’t the magazine’s fault. I feel bad for the ladies. The lawyer might not have thought they’d be as big as they became but lawyers should never think this way when it comes to the online social media scene. I think it ended up just making the magazine look bad because the two are different “clubs” and offer different services but we aren’t little anymore and throwing toilet paper on anothers clubhouse won’t cut it. Plus, it’s wasteful to throw toilet paper and not very green!

Whatever it might be Skirt (not the online magazine) is now Kirtsy and I respect the way the women have handled the situation. To celebrate their change and encourage others to learn about their “club” they are having a HUGE giveaway. I know everyone loves a giveaway. Now, not all the products are oh so “green” and I’m not promoting the products but rather, Kirtsy. They are giving away ten cases of Primo water the bottles are made from plants not crude oil. I guess if you have to chose bottled water this is a better option.

Why not? Great tips for free!

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