Yesterday my son and daughter had their 4 and 7 year old check-up. I was reminiscing about how little they once were. How I sat in the same room with my son trying to nurse him and asking the doctor for help. I cried in the exact same exam room when my daughter was having an asthma attack and I had to rush her to the emergency room. The same nurse and the same doctor but two older children sitting on the exam table making goofy faces instead of nursing, crying and needing to have their heads held up.

Where has the time gone?

Am I done having babies?

 Are these two beautiful goof balls it for me?

Questions raced through my head and memories flooded back to me. It reminded me of a blog post I had written for What to Expect (you know the book that you got at your baby shower) on how do you know you’re done having babies?

You really don’t know.

You say you know but things change and minds change.

I am so grateful each and every day (even on the days I want to run away and pull my hair out) for these two silly children. Maybe there will be a third but today I am happy with two.

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