All week long it has rained. I’ve sat at the window watching the water, that I could be collecting in a rain barrel. Wondering more about the water rights and the Utah law on not being able to collect rain water. Wondering about my own conservation and the difference I can make. If I were to collect rainwater does it make a difference? If I put a bucket in my shower and use it to collect water, does that help the hundreds of children that die daily because of thirst or water related disease? What, in my small world can I do to impact the lives of others? Before 9am in the morning it’s likely I’ve used over 100 gallons of water!

UNICEF has launched the Tap Project that has moved me. I hope it motivates and moves you. It’s easy to take small things for granted (100 gallons of water) because there’s such an abundance, where we live. Where I live. My children get a warm, clean bath nightly but so many children don’t. Do they need a bath nightly? My lawn is watered but does it really need to be green and perfect? I’ve watched the UNICEF Tap Project video and I’m left wondering. My heart is aching to think so many children live without clean water to drink or bathe with.  Water conservation doesn’t seem to impact my husband but maybe it would if he watched something like this:

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