It’s funny, not until last year did I think of writing a bucket list. You know a list of everything you want to do, see, accomplish, be or experience before you take your last breath. A little morbid but interestingly it makes you realize how short life is and has you taking a deep breath to reflect on your goals and wishes in life. I wrote my bucket list last year as an entry to a Today’s Mama Giveaway and now my family is busily preparing to fly off to Universal Studios in Orlando for 3 nights and 4 days of roller coasters, swimming and enjoying each other’s company.  With it being wet, cold and rainy where I am I certainly am hoping for warm weather and sunshine to hit my face and brighten my dampened mood.

Exploring Universal Orlando

The kids have spent some time looking over the park map, brochures and of course the website. They’re very excited to ride the new

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Despicable Me Minion Mayhem and to see Shrek in 4-D! We love all the Shrek movies so this will be a treat! I am looking forward to the Cat in the Hat story ride and to take the kids to If I Ran the Zoo play area! My daughter loves Dr. Seuss and I’m certain she’ll love the show, Stories You Will Tell! Parades are always a favorite of mine too and the Universal’s Super Star parade I am positive will be a real treat! Who doesn’t love adventurous rides, enjoyable shows and entertaining parades with music, dancing and your favorite children’s movie and show characters?

© 2012 Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.

Universal Orlando’s going Green

Naturally, I’m interested in how Universal Orlando is going green which besides planning out our fun filled 3 days and 4 nights I’ve been doing some research on what is going on behind the scenes to green the amusement parks and I’m pleased to report they’re on a mission and doing some amazing Eco friendly and energy saving work to go green! Here is a highlighted summary but you can learn more at Green is Universal:

  • In 2011, Universal Orlando saved approximately 491,000 kWh as a result of increased energy-conservation efforts, including
    © 2012 Universal Orlando Resort. All rights reserved.

    more efficient lighting, such as new

  • LED fixtures inside the E.T. Adventure®attraction at Universal Studios Florida®; and a new, more efficient air compressor to power special effects for the Cat in the Hat™ attraction at Islands of Adventure.
  • Total energy savings across the entire resort during 2011 was enough to power approximately 40 average-size homes in the Orlando area for an entire year.
  • All mobile diesel equipment, including trucks and resort water taxis, now runs on Biodiesel fuel, an environmentally friendlier, cleaner burning fuel.
  • Save more than 90 million gallons of water each year through various conservation methods, including low-flow urinals and the use of reclaimed water in centralized chilling plants.
  • More than 2,300 recycling bins currently throughout the resort with more on the way.
  • In 2011, we recycled 225 tons of plastic and glass bottles, 23 tons of aluminum cans, 1,188 tons of cardboard, 745 tons of yard waste and 3,300 wood pallets.
  • Continuing environmentally friendly horticultural practices such as using coffee grounds to supplement nutrients in potting soil and replacing fertilizers and insecticides with fish oil and OceanSolution mineralizer – an alternative to synthetic
  • All three Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando Resort are certified members of the Florida Green Lodging program, an initiative by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to recognize lodging facilities that make a commitment to conserve and protect Florida’s natural resources.

I’m excited to be heading off to sunny Florida and will be sure to update you on our trip, adventures and more on what Universal Orlando is doing to be Eco-friendly! Just follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates, photos and more!

Tell me, what rides and shows do you love when you visit Universal Orlando?

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