Kroger, like most other grocery stores is trying to go green and use resuable bags and encourage the use of them. Except this chain of groceries stores decided to involve the consumer and ahve a design contest for their reusable bags. Have you heard about it? You design a reusable bag at and if you shop at Kroger and have a shopper’s card number, you can get a free reusable bag. Your design is entered in a contest for you to win a $500 Kroger shopping card from Kroger. Once your design your bag you get confirmation via email and you can email this your blogging buddies, friends, etc. and have them vote for you! That’s a lot of potential groceries and they have a great organic selections!!!

I couldn’t exactly post about this but not try it out myself. Do as I say, not as I do! Not. So, I gave it a whirl and it’s easier than I expected. You can get real creative with this and when I viewed some designs out there I realized it’s competitive. So G&CM readers get creative! Right here at G&CM I I will vote for 2 of MY favorite designs and give away a Kroger gift cards for $25 to each of the winners!!! I could keep one of the gift cards for myself but oh, no, you moms deserve this!!!!

Here’s what you have to do and it’s is not hard. Simply go to and follow their simple step by step directions for entering the design contest and designing the bag. You will then get an email confirmation with your design and number (psssst…it might take a day or two). You can post about this with your design number and that might increase your chance for others going and voting for your design (including me) OR you can email your design confirmation (sommer at greenandcleanmom dot org). The contest started April 11, 2008 and goes until May 23, 2008. I’ll pick my favorite two designs, submitted via post or email on May 23, 2008. All posts must have a spam proof email or I cannot contact you for the gift card, if you win!!! Contest Closed

A little side note…I get lots of Press Releases and emails for me to do plugs for this company and that (I’ll post on this later). I can’t possibly get to all of the stuff and not all of it is worth posting about or having you waste your valuable time reading about. I especially liked this contest because I keep seeing many grocery stores and chains selling reusable bags and trying to appeal to the “greenie” but they aren’t involving the masses and rewarding them. This was at leaset creative, engaging and on the green side. Hats off to Kroger for that! So take advantage of the opportunity and maybe be a winner for me and for Kroger!!! Sweet, sexy and sassy!

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