I am all about recycling and reusing but what I’m not good at is thinking of the creative ideas that go along with it. I discovered a great new website, Pinterest, that has helped me combine living a green lifestyle with creativity. The site is not a “green” site per say but it has great ideas that can be applied to your green lifestyle. I am now a Pinterest junkie and want to share a few of the great ideas that I have utilized from the site.

Because my daughter has allergies we ripped up our carpet which doesn’t make for a comfortable place to sit or lay during movie night but thanks to Pinterest I found the solution. Everyone has extra pillow’s and pillow cases laying around their house, including me. Instead of purchasing a bean bag or body pillow that isn’t very green or washable I made my own. I took five pillow cases and sewed them together at the seam then stuffed our extra pillows in the cases and Walla! A body pillow (see picture above). I can remove the pillows and wash both pillows and cases as needed. I reused what I already had and made my daughters movie night a little more comfortable. Genius!!

My second project is a no brainer but I would have never thought of it. I love mason jar, I love what they represent and how they bring me back to my younger years but I never knew there was more than one use for them. Check out Pinterest and you will find that there are several creative and awesome uses for them. We have a ton of mason jars at home and I am putting them to good use. I took a black and white photo of my niece and nephew and stuck it in an upside down mason jar and it became a creative and cute frame. I also plan to make cake in a mason jar as well as a mason jar light fixture.

My third project put me way out of my comfort zone. My husband is the chef in the house, I do not cook. When my husband is gone I am forced to cook and hate it but I found some really easy and fun cooking ideas on Pinterest. My hubby was out of town so I wanted to make my daughter something fun/easy for lunch; we made my now famous octopus mac&cheese (that’s just what I call it). I cut up turkey dogs and stuck uncooked spaghetti noodles through them then boiled it. After they were boiled and drained I added the cheese and the result was a fun octopus mac&cheese lunch.

My forth project actually just took place this weekend. I got my little sister addicted to Pinterest and while searching through the site we both found directions on how to make ruffled curtains out of two twin sheets. Mind you this project took us all day, even with the help of my dad because we do not know how to sew. For those that know how to sew I am sure this project would be much easier. If you have extra flat sheets at home that you aren’t using this project is affordable and will make any window in your room look great.

Apparently I was not born with the creative side of my brain intact so sites like this have been great for me. If you give me an idea I will run with it but I need the seed to be planted first. I have a list of other projects I plan to get done and can’t wait to get started. I suggest you check out Pinterest and USE WHAT YOU GOT!!

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