I like to have control, whenever possible. I’m terrible at asking others for help and would rather feel overwhelmed, stressed and want to pull my hair out.

Crazy, I know.

I’m hoping that my friends from Time Dog will help me learn that it’s okay to ask for help and that it will save me time so I can have more time to do things I actually enjoy doing.

Silly idea but maybe I can read a book and take a break!

Time Dog in a nutshell is your personal assistant but virtually and for cheap. You can actually be like a celebrity and can tell people you’ll have your assistant send them an email. You can have your new assistant schedule your appointments, text your husband weekly reminders and research where to buy those birthday party invitations that your son has to have.

Ha! Ha! Love it!

Personally, I’m working on letting go of the control and utilizing this service. I signed up but now I have to use it. So here’s how I’m taking my first step at using this service to help me free up some of my time for the “other” stuff in my life, like cuddling my kids.

  1. Travel Arrangements.  I fly often and spend hours researching flights, hotels, rental cars and where the nearby organic restaurant is or Whole Food Store is located.  Now, I’m going to let Time Dog fetch this and they’ll start by helping me for my next social media conference in September.
  2. Reminding my Husband. Yes, while I’m traveling I like to remind my husband to get the kids from a function or take them here or there.  The night before my trip I can email Time Dog and ask for them to remind my husband, sitter or sister to pick the kids up or take them here or there. Handy because while I’m in meetings working this is hard for me to do but at night I can easily send this email and it will make me feel much better about being away from home.
  3. Scheduling Appointments.  At night my mind runs through a list of everything I need to do but during the day I don’t have time to get it all done. With Time Dog I can send a nightly email asking to have my hair appointment scheduled for next Tuesday at 2pm or to have my daughter’s dentist appointment rescheduled. No waiting on hold, Time Dog will take care of it!
  4. Holiday Shopping Deals. I like to shop from certain online sites and when my kids provide me with their holiday list I’m going to have Time Dog do the online hunting for the best deals – no more wasting my time searching online for hours. Score!
  5. Weekly Menu Planning. Yup, this is my favorite. I love to look for recipes online but its time consuming. Each week I will email Time Dog and ask for 4-5 healthy and organic recipes that can be prepared in less than 30 minutes along with the grocery list to accompany these recipes. SWEET!

Gosh when I started the list I began to think of lots of things I could use help with, so I emailed a request stat for help looking for a 33 inch white refrigerator for my dad’s new home and a list of country music concerts in Michigan for the month of August.  Give it a try, it’s free to sign up and try the service for 15 days and once you start requesting you’ll be hooked and love this personal assistant stuff!

Why not? Great tips for free!

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