Take some fallen leaves, add steam, heat and pressure and transform these fallen leaves into usable objects that will biodegrade in two months time, naturally and you get a company called VerTerra. Wow! Did a genius think of this or what? No dyes, waxes or chemicals are used and now I have some sweet looking plates that are safe and the perfect substitute for paper plates. That means green picnics, family reunions, BBQ’s, baby showers and the list goes on. We have no excuse! No trees are cut down and I can microwave them and nothing will leak into my food. They’re durable and very nice looking. I was surprised at how sturdy the plates were only being made from leaves.

Not only do these sexy and ingenious plates and dinnerware fit the green bill but they support sustainability and fair wages to support social responsibility and those in other countries with fewer resources. They’re made in South Asia and the employees receive fair wages and health care. Now, I know we like to buy made in the U.S.A. but I’m guessing that the leaves in my backyard aren’t the ones that VerTerra uses to make their eco-friendly plates, bowls, cups and other dinnerware. Just a guess.

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VerTerra might seem like a higher end option but you pay for what you get and you vote with your purse strings. With VerTerra you don’t have to worry about toxins and eating them along with your chemically coated bleached paper plate. With VerTerra you know that you’re using a product that will break down and not sit in a plastic bag for years to come. If sustainability, toxic free dinnerware, earth friendly companies and fashionable looking disposables are your thing…I say Va Va VerTerra! They’re super green and sexy in my opinion.

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