Once upon a time I was crafty and clever. I wore glue in my hair, had marker stained hands and glitter under my nails. I could cut the letters of the alphabet out of construction paper blindfolded and in less than 30 seconds (okay not really but close enough). Now I’m too busy and feeling far less creative in the crafty department of my life.

I’ve become one of those moms that buy the Valentines verses making them with my children.

I’ve lost the oomph to bake, sprinkle and have flour on my nose-even when I wear a pretty apron.

The puffy paint, googly eyes and tissues paper are lacking in the supply closet that used to burst at the seams with labeled baskets stocked to the brim.

I bow my head in shame because I used to wear a crafty apron with “Miss Sommer” on it and could whip up Kool-Aid play dough like nobody’s business. Instead I type, I sit, I buy and I do paperwork, have lunch meetings and talk business.

Sock puppets are more fun some days, you know?

VALENTINES is a holiday I’ve failed at this year because of my severe lack of creative, crafty, baking, motivation (wipe tear). No need for you to follow in my footsteps – I urge to find some inspiration and perhaps wear glue in your hair, flour on your face and sprinkles under your nails with these fresh and eco-conscious green craft ideas for our favorite heart shaped holiday:

1.  Pink and Green Mama (I want to be her)  makes gorgeous hearts out of cereal boxes and best of all when I go to her site I want to be her – did I say that already?

2.  National Geographic is making 3-D  recycled Valentine cards, how cool is that?! If you make one take a photo and post it here! I’d love to see it.

3.  A favorite site of mine, Inhabitots, posted an adorable green Valentine reusable goodie bag and it will make your heart melt if you actually make it.

Have any other ideas that you can post to inspire me or others to get our craft on?

Image: luigi diamanti / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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