Using a steam cleaner is an effective way to lift dirt without using harsh or toxic chemical cleaners. Recently I was sent the Vapamore Steam Cleaning System and excitedly began experimenting with the different ways I could use a steam cleaner in my home. I use earth friendly cleaners or make my own but there are those hard to reach spots that collect dirt and grime that make a person think of using harsher not so Eco-friendly cleaners. Luckily, the Vapamore was effective. My grout and tile is clean as a whistle without using chemical cleaners. I can use the Vapamore for everyday cleaning of my floors, carpet and windows and with the multiple attachments and tips for cleaning, sky’s the limit! It’s light, easy to store and use and extremely cost effective.

View my video review of the Vapamore Steam Cleaning System at Go Green Tube.

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