Cauliflower Peas of Mind Veggie WedgesVeggie Wedgies are baked, crispy french fries made from REAL vegetables! There are four different Veggie Wedgie flavors including Baked Broccoli, Baked Carrot, Baked Cauliflower and Baked Apple. Veggie Wedgies are vegan, fat free, and completely allergen free. They are a great snack or side dish for the whole family. Peas of Mind were just named R&D Team of The Year for the innovation used to develop Veggie Wedgies! I’m telling you my kids will be screaming for these veggie wedgies  and I’ll know they are eating healthy!

The Low Down on the Veggie Wedgie:

-Unlike regular french fries which are filled with oil and sodium, Veggie Wedgie are baked full of vitamins and nutrients!
-1 serving of Veggie Wedgies (14 fries) contains over a serving of fruits or vegetables (per the USDA guidelines).
-1 serving of Veggie Wedgies (14 fries) contains more than 1/2 the recommended daily intake of fruit or vegetable for growing kids (per the American Heart Association guidelines).

Peas of Mind products sell in growing number of grocery stores nationwide and on