Do you have a cupboard in your house that you dread opening due to disorganization and potential hazard to your toes? I do. My cupboard is filled with tupperware of all shapes, sizes and mismatches.  I hate searching for a storage container to pack my lunch or store left overs; I can never find a lid that matches and everything is falling onto the floor. Sound familiar? Well green innovation has collided with storage and bakeware to make our lives safer and easier.

FridgeX by Cermacor has saved the sanity of many mothers, fathers, cooks, chefs and food eaters alike. FridgeX is a new line of silicone food storage and bakeware, this line is eco-friendly and versatile.  FridgeX can be used for both hot and cold meals can be transferred from freezer to oven and vice versa while retaining its shape and safety. The product is non-stick and stain resistant so you never have to worry about stains or smells left behind. FridgeX doesn’t absorb odors or become discolored. The line is very durable yet light weight and believe it or not collapsible. Yes, that’s right the entire line is collapsible for optimal storage. When you aren’t using your storage/bakeware you collapse them down and they take up minimal space in your cupboard which results in less clutter and messes to clean up.

What’s better than collapsible, versatile, durable storage/bakewear is that they strive to be eco-friendly. Their line is made out of all-natural, earth derived silicone. FridgeX claims to be non-toxic, as well as recyclable, versatile and does not react with food or beverages, or produce any hazardous fumes. What is the benefit to silicone? It’s versatile, easy to store, can withstand intense baking and storage conditions, easy to clean, reusable, and can replace disposable products.

I reviewed the rectangle silicone storage set and love it. It is very durable and I love that it collapses which saves me room in my cupboard and sanity when trying to find a storage container.  Because the product is collapsible I wanted to do a little test of my own with liquids. I filled one of the containers up with water and shook it upside down to make sure it wouldn’t leak and it didn’t.  I was happy that the container didn’t leak since so many do. The second test was to see what would happen if something heavy was placed on the container. Leftovers can be forgotten in a fridge and the result is other containers, maybe much heavier, placed on top. Or if you are like me you pack your lunch put it on your seat in the car and then thrown your purse, book, and daughters’ backpack etc. on top by accident. The results weren’t the best. If your collapsible container is full of soup from last night make sure you don’t place anything heavy on top of it. The soup aka water that I used went everywhere. Keep in mind it would have to pretty heavy but it’s a warning to all so that you don’t have a mess to clean up in your fridge or car.  

Overall I would recommend and have recommended this product to friends. I love the versatility of the FridgeX line and hope that you do too.

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