Camping With Children - Visiting the National Parks in the US

Technology is taking over and there’s good and bad associated with that. The rhetoric on television with the upcoming election, it’s overwhelming. There’s just a lot of noise and chaos. I’ve found that I’m happier when I tune it all out. When I shut it all down and get outside. Even just going for a quick walk during the workday helps me feel better.

Shutting down and spending time outside is one thing I love to do with my family. We’re all better off when we spend the day getting fresh air. This is why we love to go camping. It lets us disconnect for a few days and enjoy each other and nature. It’s something we started doing together as a family when my children were toddlers and now that they’re older, it’s still one of our favorite ways to connect as a family.

One dream I’ve always had is to take my children on a road trip with our camper in tow to visit some of the National Parks. When National Geographic Kids sent me the Centennial Edition of the National Parks Guide U.S.A., I knew this was a sign. Even though we don’t have plans this year to go, why not start researching and learning about which parks we want to visit?

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Out of all the National Parks in the United States, I have a few that are at the top of my list to visit with my kids. Here are three that I’ll start with for my little dream road trip….

  1. Yellowstone National Park – Mostly because it’s the most famous national park and so I want to say I’ve been there. Besides, who wouldn’t want to see the hot springs and geysers?  After reading the tips and facts in my new book from National Geographic Kids (get your own here), I’m sold on taking the family there.
  2. Joshua Tree National Park – This Park just looks gorgeous. Everything that I’ve read makes it seem even more beautiful. I’d love to see the larges, tallest and densest Joshua Tree in the Forest that exists in the United States, wouldn’t you? I hear there’s great rock climbing too but I’m afraid of heights so I might have to skip that. Maybe the kid’s would be up for the adventure.
  3. Denali National Park & Preserve – A park I’ve actually visited and spent two days at on my honeymoon but two days wasn’t enough. The views are just spectacular and everything was so peaceful. I’d love to take the kids to see Mount McKinley and go hiking. There’s so much wildlife roaming, it’s impossible not to see something. I saw moose, eagles and bear on my trip back in 2002.

I hope to take my children to more than just these three National Parks but there on the top of my list. I’m excited to have the Easter Bunny deliver the new National Parks Guide U.S.A. from National Geographic Kids. I’m pretty sure my son will love the packing list, tips from park rangers, the photos and maps. This book is right up his alley.

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Do you camp? Which national parks is your favorite?

Oh and for campers, check out this Junior Ranger Activity Book from National Geographic Kids. This book is going into my box for my camper because I’m already stocking and planning. Get my free clean the camper checklist to help you get ready for camping season. You might also want to check out cooking for kids while camping, five easy camp meals and kid approved camping meals.

Disclaimer: I am a National Geographic Kids Insider. My opinions are my own. I do receive free books and access to amazing resources that I love to share with you. 

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