Scheduling Parent Teacher ConferencesWith Volunteer Spot

When you work with multiple people and groups, it can be next to impossible to find a date or time that works for EVERYONE. I know this all too well as a Girl Scout leader. If I plan a meeting on a Tuesday, chances are it won’t work well for at least one family.

My solution and what I’ve used in the past as a teacher, Volunteer Spot.


When I was teaching for, everything was virtual with my students and parents. I taught 3rd grade and had to regularly conference with my parents and do DIEBLES testing with my 3rd graders to make sure they were making progress with their reading and meeting benchmarks. With so many 3rd graders to test and parents to conference with, Volunteer Spot was my saving grace.

Volunteer Spot Conference Sign-Up
Example of a past Volunteer Spot Conference sign up from when I was teaching 3rd grade.

I set my conference times, putting them all into a calendar with Volunteer Spot and then sent the parents a link through email, inviting them to sign up for one, 30 minutes conference spot. I could see who signed up and who did not sign up, for follow-up. My parents appreciated my consideration for their time and allowing them to choose what worked best for their family schedule. Like I said, you can’t pick a meeting date or time that will work for everyone.

It was that simple. If fact, watch this quick video that describes how to use Volunteer Spot for parent teacher conferences. They do a far better job at explaining it than I do.


Everyone is busy and on the go, which is why I love Volunteer Spot. It makes everyone simple from how to share the invite (a link, embed on a website, email from Volunteer Spot, share via social) to reminding participants automatically one to three days before the event/conference. The automatic email was something that saved me a ton of time as a busy teacher. It also helped increase my conference attendance. Parents would thank me for the reminder email because they almost forgot!

Volunteer Spot Sign Up for Parent Teacher Conferences

Volunteer Spot has so many features and potential for making everyone’s life easier that can be used for church groups, Girl Scout troops and for planning events where money needs to be collected. This has also been an issue for me in the past but with Volunteer Spot, I can have my Girl Scout Troop parents, sign-up that their family can attend a camp outing and pay, at the same time. An excellent way for any coach to collect money for uniforms, trips, etc.  There is a small fee associated with each transaction, be sure to read the fine print.

Volunteer Spot for Collecting Money for Events and Field Trips

If you’re a teacher, a coach, troop leader or anyone that organizes events, conferences and tries to get everyone on the same page, consider Volunteer Spot. It’s FREE to sign up and use, only premium features require payments. For example, adding a waiver for parents to sign, is a premium feature.  I’m currently planning a few trips with my Girl Scout troop and even though the wavier is a paid premium feature, I could see this being very useful!

Have you used Volunteer Spot?? Share with me your stories and why you love it!! I’d love to hear them!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, I am being compensated for my time. This is my own true story and experience with Volunteer Spot, which is why I share it and recommend it. 

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