As promised, I have a must read book to tell you about. On my flight to and from Viva Las Vegas, I had some time to spare (not something I’m used to) and usually I would read some trashy gossip magazine or fall asleep with drool coming out of my mouth. The book, Wake Up and Smell the Planet, saved me from reading about Brittney’s latest meltdown or embarrassing myself by falling asleep. This book is written by,, a online magazine publication out of Seattle. A site with a reader base over 750,000 people for normal people like you and who are trying to do something for the environment but enjoy some humor and wit!

Wake Up and Smell the Planet, is a humorous, witty, non-text book way to look at how a person can go green from the coffee they drink in the morning to the steak (or tofu burger) they grill for dinner and the shower they take with recycled rain water at night! It wasn’t just a book full of jokes and it wasn’t poking fun of serious environmental issues like one might think. Oh, no it just gives options and ways that a person can live green and not lose sight of their sanity. Going green is becoming so popular that if you drink an organic coffee in a paper cup, should you drink that coffee or will the mom at the park snub you because it isn’t in a stainless coffee mug? It doesn’t have to feel overwhelming and be impossible.

Wake Up and Smell the Planet , helps make it not seem so overwhelming or impossible but instead logical and fun! Logical information that made me have several, “duh” moments and elbow my husband to share with him what I was reading. Actually, I think everyone around me heard these logical facts because my ears were plugged! Did you know that if you shop online you’re doing the environment good? My hubby got a elbow in the side for that one! Yeah, the U.P.S. guy has to come but it uses “40% less fuel than the average roundtrip drive to the mall.” Another “duh” moment I had that also made me laugh my numb (long flight) butt off was dog poop being used for renewable energy. It makes sense really; people use cow doo for all sorts of stuff but what about the little pooches in the park? You’ll have to read the book to learn about what San Francisco is thinking of doing with their pet waste. It’s a riot but makes sense. Makes you want to go get the book doesn’t it?

I really think that you should give this book a chance. Manyof the going green books I’ve read are dry, lots of facts and hard to read from front to back. Not this book! The facts are fun, there are witty quizzes that make you chuckle, and bubbled facts that make you scratch your head and think or elbow your hubby! A great gift for anyone trying to go green, wanting to go green, thinking about going green or just anyone who cares about the environment and guess what…. it’s cheap. Head on over to and get your copy for only $14.95. You’ll laugh and learn and what’s better than that?

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