I went to my local Walgreen’s and walked down the same aisle as always and B-A-M there’s something out of place, something new. I scratched my head and wondered what was different and then I saw it a new cleaning product claiming to be “non-toxic” and Eco-friendly. If you’re like me you raise your eyebrows, which is what I did because I was in doubt but the packaging was very, very alluring so I stopped to read the label. Alluring packaging, earth tones but a splash of pink for a feminine flavor perhaps, after all women do make a majority of the buying decisions. I was drawn in, which I assume the store and brand wanted to happen.  And then I noticed a familiar logo an endorsement from one of my favorite organizations, Healthy Child Healthy World and I was sold! Plus the price is beyond reasonable and the label reads:

Contains no harsh solvents, dyes or ammonia so it is safe for you and your family.  Cuts through grease and grime. Meyer lemon and lavender scented. No harmful chemicals.

No animal testing

Bottle made from 100% post-consumer materials.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Ingredients listed:


Coco-Glucoside – considered safe with a rating an EWG rating of 0 and it’s biodegradable.

Laureth 7- is not listed as a toxic chemical and has not been detected in human urine or tissue and there is not a high production volume chemical, according to the Good Guide there is no health concern with this ingredient.

Natural Fragrance- this seems vague to me and I couldn’t find out exactly where the natural fragrance came from. Does it smell natural; is it naturally derived or synthetically derived but smells natural? This needs to more clearly define but the product does say it is Meyer lemon and lavender scented and has not harmful chemicals AND it bears the Healthy Child Healthy World logo. I’m still wondering, even though I like the scent a lot!

Sodium Propionate – is a salt used as a food additive to prevent molding and bacteria growth so I’m assuming this is to help provide a longer shelf life for the product. When I make homemade air freshener I have to add salt to prevent mold so this makes sense.

This product that got my attention or maybe called my name is Ology.  I was surprised to see it in the cleaning aisle next to the other not so “Eco-friendly” cleaners and that there is an all-purpose cleaner and glass cleaner. Both smell great and for me, they’re stocked in my camper because besides being Eco-friendly and safe to use around the dog and children they smell nice, they work and they’re affordable.  I’ve shopped Walgreen’s for years and we have our prescriptions filled there so I like the convenience of having products like these now available at a local place I frequent often.

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Check Walgreen’s Ology out and tell me what you think.




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