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I am walking to lose weight, be healthy and get fit. Unfortunately women in Africa and Asia must walk 3.7 miles to and from the nearest improved sanitation facility to collect safe drinking water. This back and forth walking accounts to an average of at least 40 million hours spent walking to and from water sanitation facilities. Did you know illnesses resulting from water contamination are the leading cause of human sickness and death worldwide? In just the past decade, more children have died due to a lack of access to safe drinking water than all people who have died in battle since World War II. That is sad!

*Jaw drop to ground.*

When Rotary International offered me a pedometer and the chance to give one lucky winner a pedometer to help bring awareness to the burden of inadequate access to water faced by women in developing countries – I said heck yeah!

I take my water for granted. As I walk I sip on ice cold lemon water and listen to my tunes. I am not carrying heavy containers for hours each day to wash my dishes, cook my food and hydrate my family. Are you? The thought that I would have to worry about giving me daughter a drink of water and her becoming sick is terrible and wrong. We need to change this!

Watch this video and you’ll be shocked. It will make you realize what we take for granted and how others live. The video is long but worth watching, I promise.

Share the Cause & Win

My average walk and it took me 45 minutes!

To win a free pedometer and realize how many steps you must walk to reach 3.7 miles will make you think about cumbersome and tiring it must be to walk so far one way for water. I challenge you to walk 3.7 miles twice carrying a heavy backpack and tell me how tired you are? If you win this pedometer you will be shocked at how many steps this is and how long it takes you! It will remind you of what other women face each day just for safe water.  Entering to win is simple, I just want to spread the news to make more people aware!

Leave me a comment telling me that you have done both of these or either one. I will pick one lucky winner on April 22, 2012 at 12pm EST. The winner will be contacted through email and will have 7 days to reply. One entry per person and you must be 18 years of age to enter and a U.S. resident. No prize substitutions, void where prohibited.

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