Choosing a warm and waterproof winter boot is a challenge. It’s common knowledge amongst my friends and family that if I was lost in the Northern Michigan woods or my car died on an abandoned road during the winter months, I would be the first to die of hypothermia. I am always cold!! If and when it ever reaches above 75 degrees in Michigan I am jumping for joy. My motto is the hotter the better, yet I live where it is cold 10 months out of the year {crazy I know}!  I dislike cold weather partially because I have  Raynaud’s phenomenon. The cold weather causes my fingers and toes to go numb, tingle, hurt and freeze. I only have to be outside for minutes before my toes and fingers start to feel numb, which is not very safe!  Raynaud’s phenomenon causes me discomfort and frustration due to the fact that I am a very active person and I love to be outside with my 3 year old {mini me, she is wearing my boots in the above picture} to ice skate, sled and make snowmen but sometimes this is impossible. In addition, work requires I spend time outside and finding warm winter gear that allows me to do my job outside is not easy.

Toasty Toes

I won’t age myself by telling you how many years I have been searching for warm boots but let’s just say it’s been a long time. I have purchased battery operated socks, several name brand and expensive boots, wicking socks, wool socks, etc. but nothing has worked, until now. I finally found a boot that keeps my feet warm for long periods of time, are cute and vegan. Yeah!!

My new favorite boot is the vegan style Bogs. I have been looking at Bogs for years because they are cute and came highly recommended but I found it hard to believe they were warm. To me they looked like a fancy pair of rain boots and I can officially say I was mistaken!. Bogs are not only fashionable but warm! They are produced with Neo-Tech™ insulation that provides stretch for comfort, warmth and waterproof protection. They have different boots ranging in warmth from -20 to -65 degrees. The boots are made out of natural, high quality vulcanized rubber that’s durable. Their classic boots are constructed with a waterproof upper made out of this same material which is 100% waterproof – all the way to the top, just below the handle.

Personal Review

I was lucky to have the company send me their Classic Tall Mayflower boot to review and I fell in love or rather my toes did!  I wear them every day and they keep my feet nice and toasty. These boots are easy to put on, I can do it with no hands and when you have kids it’s nice to just have your hands free! It is recommended to wear one pair of medium-weight, moisture wicking socks with your boots. Bogs are designed to capture your body heat and insulate it from the outside elements and layering socks potentially inhibits air flow within the Bogs and circulation in your feet. This is how I wear my Bogs and it works great. I even went out and purchased a plain black pair to wear when I am working my second job and need to wear black. I had to work an outside event that lasted 4hrs and for the first time my feet didn’t get cold; my colleagues even commented that I hadn’t complained about my feet during the event {a first ever}!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally find a boot that keeps my feet warm. While this boot may not work for everyone with my symptoms, they have worked for me. My husband, colleagues and friends have all commented on how I haven’t complained this year about my feet; which makes me think my complaining was pretty bad since they noticed the difference. I want to apologize to them for all of the years they have listen to me complain and thank Bogs for producing a boot that keeps me warm, shuts me up and lets me enjoy winter again.

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