What are you doing to make a difference this earth day? Do you want to raise money for your school, reduce lunch waste, and teach your students about environmental stewardship? Kids Konserve can help you do just that. During the month of April Kids Konserve is giving back to the schools. For ever purchase placed in April they will be giving back 25% to the schools and you will receive a free 20oz stainless steel Kids Konserve Bottle (while supplies last). All you have to do is launch a waste-free challenge. Kids Konserve will help you promote waste-free activities and offer their reusable waste-free lunch products at a 15% discount.

The steps are simple:

1. Let us know what you are doing at school to reduce waste (you can email your story directly to (wendy@kidskonserve.com). See our Waste-Free Activity Ideas for suggestions.

2. Then you will be a partner school on our website. With each online order you will receive either a 15% discount for parents, or 15% will be paid back to your school. We will customize a flier for you to promote the discount, similar to our Sample Custom Flier.

If you aren’t interested in launching a waste-free challenge Kids Konserve has cute and eco friendly products. Have a great Earth Day!!