Five days a week I pack my sons lunch. Having a waste free lunch is important to me but it hasn’t been something I’ve been so great at. Like most green moms, I’m learning and trying hard to brighten my shade of green lifestyle. When the company Kids Konserve contacted me, I was delighted. A waste-free sack lunch with great patterns, cute and easy for my son to carry – love it! I naturally agreed to review the product (twist arm) and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

This green mom has been using the Kids Konserve waste free lunch kit for two weeks now and I can officially say it’s easy to use. The waste free lunch kit comes with:

•    A recycled cotton sack with that Velcro’s together to stay closed
•    Stainless Steel Beverage Bottle so there is no harmful plastic or BPA
•    A food Kozy for wrapping your sandwich
•    A cloth napkin
•    2 stainless steel food containers

My son received the adorable caterpillar kit and he was so excited. We carefully talked about how we don’t throw anything away and why. He had all sorts of questions about baggies that surprised me. We talked about how when we use napkins, baggies, juice boxes and other wasteful lunch items it adds up to a lot of trash. He asked how much and I told him 3.5 billions pounds of waste per year.  He then asked how much that equals. I told him 100 T-Rex’s (I really don’t know this for sure but it sounded good). His eyes got really big and then next day he informed me that he told his best friend what I said he wants a waste free lunch now! Explain anything in terms of dinosaurs and I’m good to go!

The school year isn’t over so it isn’t too late to get a Kids Konserve Kit. They make great Easter Basked gifts or anytime gifts. Consider it a gift to your wallet because you won’t have to buy baggies or juice boxes anymore! The earth will thank you. Kids Konserve even has a waste free challenge fundraiser. Your school, church or organization and eat lunch in style with a waste free lunch and earn money, just contact Kids Konserve for more information. This company and kits gets my Green Mom approval! Now I have to go order some more cloth napkins, an extra food kozy and a few more stainless steel food containers. Seriously, this stuff is great!

Green and Clean Mom Readers get a 10% discount.  This will be valid for the month of January & February 2009.  The coupon code is: gcmom at checkout.

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