When the munchgear by citizinpip™ arrived at my doorstep I was surprised and excited to try another waste-free lunch system. I love back to school time and I get very excited about packing my children healthy lunches but I hate foil, baggies and plastic wrap because it just heads to the garbage! I’ve used several waste-free lunch systems but this is the first complete waste-free lunch system I’ve experienced.

Let me explain what I mean by “complete” system and how this might not be for everyone but I can tell you I highly citizinpiprecommend the company and products from my own personal use. If you’ve packed lunches for your children year after year you might already have reusable containers, water bottles or a thermos and a “complete” system is not what you’re looking for. For newbie’s or someone looking to replace their entire line of lunch ware because the plastic citizenpip™ is the Lexus of lunchbox systems. Everything as the website says is airtight, leak-proof, BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free and the company says everything has been tested by a CPSIA accredited lab. The only thing I needed was the healthy foods to put into the lunch and I had a 100% waste-free lunch with reusable containers I could then put into the dishwasher.

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Besides being adorable, light to tote and incredibly kid friendly and easy to use and open my children and I are role modeling ways to be waste-free and have healthy lunches. I love that my son’s teachers ask me about where I got something or that the children ask him if he got his lunch box at this or that store. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the big box stores take on companies like citizenpip™ but I sure would like for products to be readily available for everyone and anyone verses just online or at small retail stores, however, I can see the disadvantages and advantages.

Yes, I loved trying this product and truly feel it is a quality product coming from a company whose founder is a mother of three sons that is thriving to do what I am doing – her very beset. Oh and my son says it is super cool!! My only wish is that I could avoid the plastic all together and just have stainless steel – to be on the safest side of the fence. Perhaps, this could be an option the company will provide down the road. Not that I don’t use BPA-free plastic in my home but my preference is always stainless steel.

waste-free-lunchOn another note, the company will work with schools to help them promote waste-free lunch systems to help benefit the school, families and the environment. I love the idea of my son going into the public school system and me joining and the PTO/PTA to help support non-toxic and green efforts but also to help the environment and know that families will long-term save money and do the school some good for fundraiser while children are eating healthy lunches from safe containers! A win-win and yes no more crappy wax chocolates and nick-knacks that are a waste of money and just collect dust or end up in the landfill.

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