While I was in Miami we had a little toilet tissue catastrophe. We ran out of White Cloud GreenEarth bath tissues. I had a case of White Cloud GreenEarth paper towels and stored them in our bathroom closet – it’s large with plenty of storage space. This tricked everyone into thinking we had plenty of bathroom tissue stocked but really it was paper towel. Whoops! Now this might not seem like an issue because you can certainly just run to the store and grab toilet paper, no big deal.But we’ve been spoiled and here is why:

  • White Cloud GreenEarth is made of 100% recycled fiber
  • The product is soft and strong
  • There’s no pilling and again it is soft
  • It’s affordable in comparison to the competition and did I mention it is soft and strong – um, not like sandpaper and I can tell you other “green” brands feel like sandpaper! A six pack is only $3.98, available at WalMart
  • If you regularly check their website or Facebook page there’s often coupons

So the issue that we ran into was my husband was unaware that that that our favorite White Cloud Green Earth toilet tissue was only available at Walmart and he didn’t go to Walmart. Which means I’ve learned two lessons: 1) Stock up so I never run out. 2) We appreciate the quality and softness of White Cloud Green Earth toilet paper even more now that we’ve had to use something less desirable and um, more expensive.

On a side note, I also believe in supporting companies that are committed to the environment and I’ve seen first-hand how Kruger’s committed. You can learn more about their GreenEarth products and what it really means to choose the smarter alternative.

Disclaimer: I am a White Cloud Mom and this post is sponsored, however, this is a true story and our family prefers this brand over the competition brands that we’ve tried.

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