This weekend you might need  fun and relaxing stuff to read after visiting the pumpkin patch and apple orchard! As I cozy up with my blanket in the evening nursing my sick husband, cuddling my new puppy and drinking some organic tea, I will be catching up on my Internet reading!

You might not know but…

The Green and Clean Mom Community is chatting about reusing dryer sheets, DIY beauty tips and ways to go green simply! A supportive group of women that are there to help each other on their journey to go green! I love how I’m always inspired by the tips, tricks, stories and ideas shared over at the tight nit community!

Oh,  and with  pumpkins, apples and leaves on my mind lately I’ve done some Internet research on the topics and think you’ll enjoy some of these great reads about the autumn season!

Here are a few of my fall links and favorites:

White Chicken Chili that is good for the soul and delicious!

The Pumpkin Lady offers patterns and so much more to make your pumpkin glow in style!

Homemade applesauce that smells as good as it tastes!

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Pumpkins, pumpkins, and then seeds! I’m thinking Martha Stewart has the right idea, making some yummy pumpkin seed brittle!  Or maybe after dessert we can eat dinner with Pumpkin Seed Pesto!

Milk jugs, egg cartons, toilet tissue rolls from White Cloud GreenEarth™ and more can be reused for eco friendly Halloween crafts! So get busy and have you entered the White Cloud GreenEarth™ contest?

A divine and guilty pleasure that I look forward to would be pumpkin spice muffins and made by none other than Ree, the Pioneer Woman!

Our lawn is covered in leaves and they are beautiful but if your lawn is covered it is a bugger to rake all of those leaves up and haul them to the compost pile! Great exercise, fun play and science and art experience with leaf rubbings that we have hanging on our windows!

Please share your autumn links, resources, recipes, books, tips, places you visit and more! With this being my favorite time of the year I would love for everyone to share! L

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