Weight loss and weight loss management for women extends beyond a 30, 60 or 90 day program. Most women attempting to lose weight usually have a time frame they set where they want to fit into a certain size jeans or a particular magic number on the scale.  This goal date for weight loss depends on each woman but from my experience it is related to an upcoming date or event. Weight loss to fit into a wedding dress; wear a bathing suit for a vacation, a class reunion, anniversary or running that marathon.

After that goal date is set and the woman fits into her dress or she’s happy about what is seen on the scale what happens next? How can a woman maintain her weight and continue to fit into that dress? This is the trick and why weight loss is stage one and more importantly is weight management or else you have a yo-yo diet.  Success then failure and the weight loss and gain cycle will repeat itself. Trust me I have been there.


Weight loss success based on my experience is a process of development, growth and progress. Three synonyms of the word evolution which by definition has many meanings but gradual development and a pattern formed by a series of movements is one definition I can identify with for my own evolution.

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In the past I feel as though I met a goal weight but there was no repetition of the eating well and exercising to help me continue my progress.  I feel as though I have learned from my past weight loss experiences through my online and offline support I’m continuing to make continual progress to better myself and not repeat the cycle of my past and just yo-yo diet!

One large reason for this would be when I meet one goal I set another. I continue to raise the bar realistically and this is where I feel the growth comes from. I’m striving and as this happens I feel proud of myself and realize I can do more than I think.

I’ve openly talked about my weight loss journey.  I set a goal weight, which I’m not at yet but I’ve created milestones to feel accomplished and keep me motivated. I have started working out with CrossFit as well as walking and even have goals for this. One mile today, two the next week, walk in the front door of CrossFit, do half of the workout, etc.

#Cinchspiration Giveaway Winners

I’ve referred to this as #cinchspiratoin online while using Cinch by Shaklee, the Number one national nutritional company in the United States. I’ve credited Cinch for helping me with my inch loss and with the support of the company I’ve tried to use my story to inspire others. Two weeks ago I launched a #cinchspiration photo contest and unfortunately the entries weren’t what I hoped for. Regardless, I believe that whether 2 or 100 people enter inspiring one person is a success.

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A huge shout out to these inspirational ladies for sending me their photos and a) inspiring me b) setting their own goals and c) trying to inspire others to be healthier.  Great work ladies! You are indeed a #cinchspiration!  Both of the entries have won a Cinch Starter Kit to help them on their weight loss journey. A program designed to support someone beyond just the goal weight!


Thanks also to Melissa Moog from Itsabelly who also sent me her #cinchspiration photo. She’s already using Cinch so this isn’t an entry or winner but I think sharing her story will give you some inspiration to help you on your weight loss journey. Visit her blog to learn more about her personal story and use of Cinch.


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