My daily walk. Each day the hill gets easier.

Weight loss is a journey. I have spent two years putting on weight. Taking it off and learning to live healthier will probably take just as long, though I hope not. It certainly is an uphill battle. It’s been awhile since I last updated you on my progress and I could give you a dozen excuses but mostly this has to do with my shame of not having the progress I thought I should have. I had such high expectations which were not realistic. Yes, I hope to be in my skinny jeans by December but I have to celebrate each inch loss and recognize this will take time.  I’m back on track and taking each hill, one day at a time and believe it or not each hill I climb, each 10 or 20 minute Journey Gym circuit I do – gets easier.

Inches Lost Update

My weight is about the same give or take a pound but what I notice is how my clothes are fitting. I think I am building muscle but I’m losing inches. Here’s the recent update:

Arms: 13 inches

Hips: 42 inches

Bust: 42 inches

Waist: 38 1/2 inches

Total inches lost since my last update: 2 1/2 inches {closer to my skinny jeans}

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Journey Gym

Recently, I’ve been using the Journey Gym in conjunction with 1-2 mile long walks; Cinch and watching what I eat (like a hawk). The Journey Gym has been a great solution for me because I use it after the kids are in bed, first thing in the morning or right after I take them to school. I simply pull this portable, light weight gym out from under the sofa, set it up in 2 minutes and begin a 10 or 20 minute circuit training with cardio and toning. If you cannot view the video above click here.

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