Lunch time made fun! As a parent you want your child to eat healthy, make good choices and have fun; Wexy bags roles all that into one. Wexy Bags are a fun, colorful, Monster Disposable Snack Bag for kids. The bags aren’t only fun but eco-smart and educational. The bags are BPA Free , biodegradable, disposable, recyclable and reusable. The packaging is made from 100% recycled material and made in the USA. Each bag includes a friendly monster with an educational and eco friendly story to tell.


Scout the soccer player enjoys staying active and making healthy snacks. It’s important that Scout eats healthy snacks in order maintain his energy and strength. Scout can give you great ideas for healthy snacks while staying busy on the soccer field. Sammy the surfer has a gluten and dairy intolerance and wants others to know you can eat healthy and delicious snacks even if you have allergies. He loves surfing, eating healthy and wants other kids with allergies to do the same. Bailey the bubble maker loves making bubbles, reading books and eating organic snacks. He wants to eat healthy so his brain get the nutrients it needs to help him grow and learn. Dusty the Diver likes to dive under water, use his imagination and eat raw foods. It’s important to Dusty that he eats snacks that are as close to its natural self as possible. All four Monsters offer free, healthy recipes for kids whether its for lunch or on the go.

I started using Wexy Bags in my daughters lunch and she is the hit of the lunch table and learning healthy eating and life habits. I love that the bags strike their interest and sparks conversation about healthy eating, sustainable living, and keeping our bodies fit and enjoying the great outdoors. What other kid has Monsters in their lunch box? Kids start asking questions and their little minds just wonder. Wexy Bags are fun, environmentally friendly, educational and affordable. You can get a single box with 28 bags in for $3.99, now that’s affordable. These are disposable but can also be reusable if you wash them out. These bags are great for holding crayons, Polly pockets and squinkey’s (if your my daughter) and other small toys for on the go.

 This is a fun, affordable and eco-friendly way to get your kids and your kids friends talking about living a greener life. As a mother, these are great options for snack time. Fill your Monster Bags up with healthy food and get the kids eating and talking healthy.

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  1. Did you know we are killing ourselves slowly? Everyday we dump tons of plastic bags into our be loving Mother Earth. The conscious is like Karma. We did something bad to the earth and we will get it back. Look at the lakes, rivers and underground water near the dumping areas. The toxics of these plastic bags are leaking out. There are no way to stop the toxic leakage unless we stop dumping more in the ground. Stop using plastic bags and start using green supply bags. Cheap and last a long time.


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