energy circle

Energy Circle has the potential to make a huge impact by helping with something humble yet collectively powerful. How? They are a company that’s going to help take doing energy efficiency measures in your house a lot easier for a much wider section of the population. And they smartly don’t lead with green, they start with being money saving and energy efficient, something most anybody can agree on. With a healthy dose of fun, practicality, and cool gadgets. Recently they were just featured in the New York Times on the Green Inc blog.

As green blogger and friend Paul Smith put it:

Energy Circle is a great example of a new generation of entrepreneurs – Helpful, full of resources, accessible and friendly, they know that the more value they offer beyond just selling products, the more people will tend to gravitate to/be loyal to them. Their 49 second customer service credo video right on top of the store page, is emblematic of their personal, hands on focus, humanizing the typical fairly anonymous process of buying online.

Energy Circle is made up of people who were much like those they serve – trying to make sense of how best to make their home more energy efficient. Now they show you how to do it, with the appropriate tools/components to do it right. They’re also very social media savvy with a helpful YouTube channel and they’re on Twitter so be sure to give them a follow. Subscribe to their blog which is very  hip and savvy, I’ve found some great tips. Personally, I love the sensibility of the Energy Circle and the idea that it’s practical and starts with looking at your home and working out from there. You can even do a home energy audit to really assess how you can green your home. Shouldn’t we all figure how to save money and help the earth?

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