My puppy is going on 12 weeks old and he’s so cute. Green & Clean Dad isn’t such a big fan of him. I’m certin that the name T-Rex (we call him Rex) is fitting. It’s like he knows what a T-Rex is and therefore wants to bite my sons toes. He loves the taste of Green & Clean Dad’s socks and I’m the only one little Rex doesn’t nibble on. So, I’m having no problems with him. Now, if you follow my tweets you know I have my good days and bad days. It’s the poop and pee I can’t stand. I have to be better at taking him out but he’s in training and so am I!

The other night we had whole grain organic rice with dinner and my daughter threw her plate on the floor. Rex, he ate the rice right up! This got me to thinking about making my own dog food. Honestly, I don’t think I have the time but it’s a novel idea. I bet he would eat very well if I made his dog food, not that he doesn’t eat well now. I’ve found a few great websites and ideas for making my own dog food but wonder if I could do it occassionally verses all of the time. Maybe mix it with his hard dog food that I purchase? T-Rex is a meat eater and I bet he’d love some shredded organic chicken! Any ideas? What do you feed your pooch?

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