What is a pumpkin? Good question! My daughter likes to ask questions and while on a field-trip to a local pumpkin patch and farm for a hayride she sat on a pile of bright orange pumpkins and asked me this. Luckily I was prepared for the answer, seeing that I taught preschool for years and years {ions ago} and this was a popular question among the little ones!

A pumpkin is a type of squash, a gourd type squash and well a gourd is a funny shaped food that is ordinarily greenish, yellow or an orange and green color.  A pumpkin is not a vegetable but is actually a fruit and the word pumpkin actually means, “large melon”. Yes, it is true and though most people don’t think of pumpkin as a fruit the fact that seeds are present make it true. The seeds can roasted or garnish other dishes through the harvest season.

This  gourd type squash is larger than most gourds or squashes and it’s very hard and dry shell can be emptied and scraped out to add candles, hold cups, bowls, soups and more! Oh and did you know that pumpkins can be white, red, purple, green or orange? Yes, this fruit is very diverse and besides making delicious pumpkin spice muffins, syrup and pumpkin pudding it is decorative! Learn more about pumpkins at All About Pumpkins and visit my Pinterst board for ideas on using pumpkins this autumn.

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