What is Clean Eating?

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Okay so what is clean eating anyhow? Simply put, it means eating mostly unprocessed foods. It’s not a weight loss program but a way of eating (with weight loss benefits for some people). Most people actually start a clean eating diet to eat healthier, not to lose weight. You focus on fruits, vegetable, meats and grains in their most natural form, unprocessed!

This means no pizza, pasta or fried foods. All of which are processed. With a clean diet you will eat steamed vegetables, grilled or broiled chickens, omelets, homemade soups, bake potatoes and salad. In a nutshell, you’re eating the way you should eat and the way eating used to be, before Fast Food and convenience food. This means you will be eating food that contains their full nutritional value. No preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers.

One question I see asked by people is how “clean” they really need to eat. Of course, that is up to you but the goal it to consume unprocessed foods. For some people this means no butter, cheese or lunch meat. Other people choose to not give up the deli turkey and sliced cheese. How far you decide to take clean eating is ultimately up to you. Even if you choose to start with just cutting out fast food, you’re making a healthier choice.

If you’re wondering what you will eat, don’t fret. Fill your plate with raw or cooked vegetables. Make a baked potato, grill some chicken and have some fresh fruit for dinner. Get creative with spices and herbs. When it comes to snacks, think dried fruit, nuts, seeds and tea.

Again, how far you take clean eating is up to you but once you adjust to the real taste of foods that are laden with sugar, salt and flavor enhancers, it will get easier. You will also crave fresh strawberries and naturally sweet foods, verses candy.

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