What Makes You Whole

Whole as a noun means a thing that is complete in itself – a whole entity.

What makes me whole, complete?

This is a complex and deep question. In fact, I have stayed up at night thinking of this answer. Being “whole” is like a puzzle. There are pieces that fit together to make me feel whole, complete.

My emotional well-being: I need to be in-touch with my feelings, able to communicate them with my loved ones and have my emotional needs met.

Spiritual well-being:  I need to pray and talk to God. To feel connected to my faith.

Physical well-being: I need to eat healthy foods, sleep, be physically active and decrease my stress as much as possible because stress affects me emotionally and physically.

Family & Friends: I need my loved ones and for me, I need to take care of them as much as I need them to care for me. They are part of my heart and my whole self.

Creativity & Travel:  I need to explore, travel and see new places and things. I love to learn, it fills a part of me as food fills my belly. I have to have a creative outlet to write and express myself.

When do I feel as though the puzzle is put together and complete?


  • When I have slept well and have the energy to take on the day with a positive attitude.
  • When I have prayed, I have given my worries to God and I can focus my attention on my husband, children, family and friends.
  • When I spend time with my family and friends, connecting with them and making memories.
  • Eating  healthy foods that fuels me through the day. When I eat well, I feel well. For example, starting my day off right with a whole milk Greek yogurt or adding it to a fresh smoothie. I never feel good when I skip breakfast.
  • Taking breaks to do what I love, such as sit outside and read. I recognize that I need me time.
  • Allowing myself to laugh, cry and feel my emotions, not deny them or push them away.
  • Accepting my body and feeling comfortable in my own skin and content with my size, what I’m wearing and how I look. It helps when you wear comfortable clothing like these Lizbeth Capri’s, pictured above. (Check out my IG post for some more details on why I love these pants!)
  • When I’m learning, exploring, traveling and seeing the world beyond my backyard. For example, I’m planning a trip to Germany. Even the act of planning and reading about Germany makes me feel complete!

What makes you a whole person? Whatever it is, celebrate it and strive each day to put that puzzle together. 

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