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From a eco-friendly perspective, I really ought to just shop consignment, borrow or use what I have in my closet. I’m pretty certain that I will over pack – I always do. I’ve read the tweets and posts about the stresses of what to pack and with Tim Gunn, the parties, video cameras, flashing cameras and meeting people for the first time; I understand where the stress is coming from but is there really a need to stress the wallet. With a recession, people flying in from who knows where, driving, taking the train, leaving work, paying for food and hotel is there room in the budget for shopping for glamorous dresses and expensive shoes?

My What to Wear and Not to Wear BlogHer Tips:

Like everyone I want to look good but what I’ve learned in the past is if I look good it comes from the inside as much as from the outside.

Think green. Is there a skirt you can reuse or glam up with a new top to save some cash? Seriously revisit what you already have in your closet. Try on all the sizes, not just the skinny jeans. Fat moves, shift and seems to relocate when you least expect it. A skirt that used to be too big might fit just right and hug the curves perfectly.

Borrow. Raid your best friends, sisters, and neighbor – ahh heck, raid the neighbors best friends sisters closet! The conference is only two days, how many outfits do you really need to find?

Think comfort. I have a pair of black pants that sort of sparkle and look super hot with a fancy top I have but neither the top nor the pants are comfortable. I won’t look very good if I feel like I’m about to bust through the seams.

Self Reflection. Your blog is an extension of who you are and what we wear often times is just that as well. I’m no Tim Gunn but I’m going to dress so that I look like myself and not like someone else. I don’t wear suits and short mini skirts so I won’t start wearing these at BlogHer.

Smile. A first impression is important so smile. When you’re happy and confident – even in the nude – it shows. Not that I want to see anyone walking around naked but if that’s your think have had it but remember there are bloggers, cameras and things are instantly on the web.

Hangover. I’m pretty confident that there will be some women suffering from ice tea (spiked) hangovers. I hope not to be in this category but my wardrobe will be ready for the hangover, if it should happen. What do I mean by this? I mean when you have to put your best foot forward, despite a hangover you must look like you don’t have a hangover. I won’t be packing fleece, sweat pants or velor jogging suits because a hangover usually calls for these types of comfy clothing. Avoid packing these and at least you’ll avoid wearing them through the conference the next day screaming, “I drank too much last night and I feel like crap!”

Impress Yourself. Attending BlogHer I won’t be shopping for a new husband or trying to catch some hot guy (that was years ago, thank goodness). Instead who will I be trying to impress? Other women…wait I’m not in high school and seeing that I’m in my 30’s I think that I have my sense of style, comfort and know what does and does not look good on  me (hip hugger jeans that show my crack every time I pick up the kids). I’m at the stage in my life that impressing myself and making sure I can look in the mirror and not feel guilt for my purchase(s). If I like something I buy it and if I look good in it, feel good in it and you don’t like it – oh, well (that was nicely stated).

A Sweater. I’ve attended many conferences and what I’ve learned over and over again – hotel conference rooms are cold. The air conditioning is usually up too high and I’m sitting there freezing and shivering verses paying attention to the speaker. Think versatile. What can you wear out for a quick walk, throw into your bag that will not wrinkle but ward off the chills?

Okay, so these are my tips but remember I’m no expert. I’m excited to meet so many fun, intelligent and inspiring women that are really leading the way with digital media. What you wear when I met you really doesn’t matter to me so long as you are genuine.

Quick side note on wearing sponsor’s swag….

If you have a tee on, you are carrying a bag or shoot you have a tattoo on your forehead saying you love and support a brand – fine by me. If it helped you attend the conference, you believe in the brand and product enough to say so then good for you. Will it impact me because I see it; depends on who you are?

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