Life’s been busy. I’ve officially become a soccer mom and sitting on the sidelines for hours while work awaits me – we’ll its difficult. My daughter is getting ready to enter kindergarten and summer plans for childcare and day camps stack my desk waiting to be filled out and payment sent in to guarantee placement. I think I’m late on a few already. Children require oodles of paperwork!  And then there’s my constant battle to lose those last 10 pounds. I’ve reached this plateau and it’s frustrating me because the walking and Cinch is helping me to maintain but I’m determined to lose the last 10 pounds, though my body is disagreeing with me.

Wardrobe Catastrophe

My bedroom is scattered with clothing. Piles that are too big, some too small, other piles just don’t look right on me anymore and some that fit so-so. Getting dressed is a struggle to say the least but at least I’m in those size 10 jeans again! This is the one thing about weight loss – getting dresses can be a size nightmare. You have too many of one size and not enough of another. And your body has changed change so things do not fit the same. Plus, if you want to lose more weight should you go buy clothing that’s a size you don’t want to stay? Ovy!

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I’m off to Mom 2.0 in Miami and what to pack is beyond me right now. {I’m headed there for the Shaklee Corporation.} This happens every time I leave town, what to wear looms over my head like a dark cloud but with 35 plus pounds gone and my body shape different my wardrobe is anything but plentiful. Plus, I’m just not very fashion savvy. I try to explain to people that what I wear matters not because it defines who I am but because it’s a social media and blogging conference and this means photos and videos – like every two seconds!  I like to feel good and when I look good I in turn feel good. Plus, with the weight loss I like to show off my hard work because I am feeling better about myself.

Speaking of social media conferences, I have a few on my agenda this summer and fall. If you’ll be at the evo Conference in Utah, BlogHer NYC or FitBloggin in Baltimore let’s connect and please tell me you freak out about packing too!  Hopefully these last 10 pounds will have been Cinched right off my body but stay tuned!

How do you get over what to wear weight loss blues and tell me you have a tip for struggling with a weight loss plateau?

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