Our family tries to eat healthy, use organic when possible and purchase BPA free products but we aren’t perfect. We are eating healthy but we’re not cooking healthy; what we cook with is just as important as what we cook. I’m not the cook in the family so those type of things slip my mind. I probably cook twice a year so the toxicity levels of the utensils and pans that my husband use didn’t even cross my mind, until now.

Did you know that PFOA is widely used in the production of Teflon and other non-stick cookware surfaces. When heated to a high degree or scratched during normal cooking, these pieces of cookware can release toxins into food cooked in them. The food in turn is eaten by consumers and may be a contributing factor as to why PFOA can be found in the bloodstreams of 95% of American men, women and children. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified PFOA as a likely human carcinogen and this toxicity has been linked to increased instances of miscarriages, thyroid problems and weaker immune systems and may be a contributing factor in some cancers.

That’s why Ceramcor has made it their mission to manufacture the safest and most versatile cooking alternative versus metal and PFOA coated non-stick cookware. Their Xtrema line is handmade using natural gas, clay and water. It is made out of a non-toxic ceramic glaze surface that is non-scratch and non-toxic. No odors or gases are ever released during the entire cooking process, even if the cooking temperatures exceed 2500 F. The Xtrema cooking surface contains no harmful PFOA coating and produces no harmful PFOA gas which can occur with most popular non-stick petroleum based coatings. The Xtrema line includes complete collections of cookware, bakeware and teaware.

My husband and I were lucky enough to review Xtrema cookware by Ceramcor and it’s definitely a green thumbs up. I couldn’t believe how heavy duty the 3 piece skillet is and it could be used on the oven, stovetop, broiler, freezer, BBQ grill, and microwave oven; that’s like 5 pans in one. The skillet came with a handle pot holder which is a genius idea. It alleviated having to dig through the drawer for a pot holder because it’s attached right to the handle. The lid handle stayed cool enough to remove from the pan while cooking too, so pot holders were not needed while we cooked on the stove-top. The pan was easy to clean, all I had to do was throw it in the dishwasher.

I have to tell you, my husband is as close to a professional chef without going to school as you can get. He is an amazing cook and is very picky about the knives, pans, seasoning, etc. that he uses and he loved the product. He went on and on about how great the skillet was and now I know what I’m buying him for Christmas. To top it off Xtrema has a 50-Year warranty which includes free replacement of any ceramic part of your Xtrema product that breaks from hot and cold temperatures within 50 years from date of purchase. Wow! I have one important tip for anyone who purchases Xtrema cookware. Take good care of it and follow the care instructions that comes with the product.

What do you cook with?



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