I’m always looking for a great product that I can use on myself and my daughter that is safe and eco-friendly. I tried a new soap and lotion on myself and daughter from a company named Beecology. Beecology is a family owned company that produces a complete line of sulfate-free and paraben-free products for your skin, hair and lips. The honey and beeswax comes directly from the family farm and they even tend to the bees themselves. Beecology states that they know how natural the products are because they see the product through every step of the manufacturing process.

My daughter has environmental allergies and severe eczema so it’s important to me that we use products that are safe for her skin. I tired the dead sea mud soap which lathered well and didn’t irritate or dry out my skin or my daughters. My daughter also thought it was pretty cool that we were using a product called Beecology since her nick name is B.  I also tried the original honey hand and body lotion which was scent free and was of a medium consistency. I prefer a thicker lotion but on the plus side it didn’t irritate my skin, kept it moisturized and has some great ingredients.

It’s nice to be able to work with and purchase products from a family run business that is conscious of their impact on the consumer and environment. It’s not a bad idea to buzz over to the computer and check them out for yourself.




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