I remember it like it was yesterday, career day. I was in fifth grade and my teacher was Mr. Conway. We had to do a written report and a presentation on what we wanted to be when we grew up. Mr. Conway had to approve it. I suppose it was to weed out any strippers or pimps?  My first choice was an astronaut and when I walked up to his desk to present this idea to him, he explained what it meant and what I would do. I changed my mind, I don’t like heights or math so I said no and went back to my desk to think. Then day I decided I would be a teacher; it was perfect and parents agreed. I went back to Mr. Conway and he liked this idea (of course) but said there were lots of other presentations on being a teacher. So basically, “Sure kid you’d be a good teacher but present something else.”

Now what?  I came up with physical therapist because my dad had broken his neck and was going through physical therapy. It did not interest me in the least bit but I wanted an “A” so I did it.  Now when I think back on this, I completely disagree with Mr. Conway squashing my dream of being an astronaut or telling me I couldn’t present on being a teacher just because other kids were doing it. Rude. I became a teacher to spite him, I think.

I want my kids to be inspired to do anything and everything when they grow up. Don’t all parents though?  How about inspiring your children to plant trees, inspire other, volunteer, recycle, reuse and stop global warming…when they grow up? There’s this family inspired, owned and created called:  When I Grow Up I Will.  Tee’s for children that are made from 100% certified organic cotton and printed with water-based ink.  Tee’s with value statements on them that make others think and will hopefully give an inspiring message to others that you are raising your little spout to do great things when they grow up. My daughter wore her very soft and adorable, When I grow up I will…plant a tree, shirt. Oh, my did everyone want to know where I got it because they wanted one. People down town, people at the store, grandma, everyone!  I for sure want the one, when I grow up I will… eat my vegetables. If they had one for my husband I’d buy it! Seriously!

I wish when I was younger that Mr. Conway could have inspired me more to do thing like this. Our children need that encouragment and inspiration to be environmentalists, activities, peace core volunteers, scientists, even fairies if that’s what they imagine (and it’s age appropriate)!

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