When the Kids Say I’m BORED

My kids have one more week before school starts –exactly 7 days left of summer vacation. I hate to say it but the BOREDOM is setting in. All summer long I’ve kept them busy with day camps, overnights at granny’s, sleep away camp, having friends over, weekend camping trips with the family, boating and the list goes on. When I look at the summers I had as a child and the summer they get to experience, I don’t feel sorry for them in the least. I never went to sleep away camp. We didn’t have a boat and we didn’t camp. Camping for us was grabbing a sleeping bag and heading outside.

Not that I had a bad childhood. Not at all. Just very different. My was a babysitter for 9 hours each day who liked MTV and talking on the phone with her friends. She couldn’t drive and though she was nice and played video games with us, we didn’t do much. We did play with friends and learn to deal with being bored and guess what we read. I read all the time!

So when my kids claim they are bored this last week where day camp is not an option and I’m working overtime, I say, here are some National Geographic Kid’s books. Turn off the television. Turn off the electronics and read something. LEARN something.

Guess what?

It’s working.

They’re reading. Quizzing me. Engaged and they’re not complaining.

Why should they be? When they say they’re bored I ask them to learn about rescuing elephants and they’re hooked. I say, go do the sharks sticker activity book and BAM, two hours later they’re taking a break.

The stack of National Geographic Kids books live in a basket in our living room and now they’re on our dining room table.


No excuses. The kids have two choices. Read a book, do an activity book OR a chore.

They pick National Geographic Kids books. Each. And. Every. Time.

So when you’re kids are saying they’re bored, I challenge you to do the same. Give them a chore or an educational option. I bet they pick the educational option. Mine is National Geographic Kids!

Tip: If your child says they don’t like to read, try these books because they’ll be reading and loving it! And then after they read the books they want to learn more. Like play games and watch educational videos on National Geographic Kids Online. It turns into family time and we’re all learning together! SCORE!

Disclaimer:  I’m a National Geographic Kids Insider. You can read my recent post on lions, here.  I’m not paid for my posts but I am compensated in free books and products. I’m sharing with you my honest opinion because I was a National Geographic Kids fan long before I started working with the company. Read my past posts here

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