Rate the Roll Update: I voted Roll A and I was correct! The big reveal is that Roll A was indeed White Cloud Green Earth and Roll B was Seventh Generation.

The Tea Party Convention was being held at the same time as the Blissdom convention and the buzz is that Sarah Palin was their keynote speaker – fans of Sarah (including some of my family members) were super excited; while others were rolling their eyes. I’m with the second group of people and would rather let you know that I bunch my toilet paper and preferred role A over role B of toilet paper that was sent to my home by White Cloud because I’m a @whitecloudmom and after learning about Consumers Report saying it saves consumers mone AND is the number one green brand on the market for toilet paper PLUS the EcoLogo™certification (more on this to come)  they receive in their niche’ I’m even happier to speak potty talk with you!

Toilet paper and how we all use it for wiping – it is something people talk about more freely than one would imagine. It has really become an amazing conversation starter because people have preconceived notions on toilet paper made of recycled content, which brands they love and will only use, how they wipe (fold or bunch/scrunch) and the list goes on. Just tonight I had a conversation where the blogger was convinced they’d get a paper cut using a “green” toilet paper.  I’ve used toilet paper made of recycled content and I haven’t been completely unhappy but I have had to give up the “softness” factor, the sturdy ply and in some cases spend more money. When I explained my relationship with White Cloud Green Earth and how I’ve been fooled and have had preconceived opinions myself; they raised an eyebrow and were motivated to just give it a try.

My own preconceived notions are hard to get rid of so I understand. When the box with toilet paper A and toilet paper B arrived from White Cloud and both were recycled, I was stumped because roll A did not feel like a toilet paper made from recycled content – no way am I being fooled?! Of course, my past White Cloud Green Earth experience was having me lean towards assuming the better; soft to the touch larger role (A) was indeed White Cloud Green Earth. Frankly,  I didn’t want to believe that White Cloud Green Earth was roll B that didn’t feel as “sturdy” and something that some would say would result in a Finger Polk through (FTP) but I also did not mind roll B so I might just be used to not using super soft lush toilet paper.

The final flush is this: I voted role A being White Cloud Green Earth and role B being another brand simply because I liked A better and my experience has been I can have quality, softness and a more eco-friendly product with White Cloud Green Earth – that is the impression and experience I have had thus far and though I am being compensated to work with them for consultation I am not being paid to tell you this or to ask Harry Connik Jr. if he fold or bunches; I many things on my own with my own mind! Now I wonder what Sarah Palin does but my brother in-law who loves her says that she’s an Alaskan woman so she probably uses leaves like a “real” woman. Eye roll.

What did the other White Cloud Moms think and how did they rate the rolls? Visit Alyssa from Kingdom First Mom, Briana from Bargain Briana, Miranda of Keeper of the Cheerios , and Alicia from Get Buttoned Up and find out for yourself and then you make the switch and see if your family can tell the difference and start with being super thrifty and saving $1.00 off White Cloud Green Earth with a printable coupon!

Photo Credit: News Channel 5

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