Roll up your sleeves. Crack your knuckles (if you do that), stretch out your fingers and do some finger curls because it is time to get ready for a White Cloud Mom (#whitecloudmom) Twitter P-A-R-T-Y! If you are not on Twitter relax, it is free just sign up here, watch this simple video that explains what Twitter is, read these simple instructions with a video and keep reading about how you can participate.

First, let me clarify, I’m a White Cloud Green Earth mama because using a toilet paper that is not made of recycled content just wouldn’t jive with me or my behind.  Luckily the White Cloud Green Earth toilet paper is nice and cushy and you can read about how my co-workers couldn’t tell I switched their toilet paper or my family because we assumed that toilet paper made of 100% post consumers recycled products would be hard, scratchy and not hold up for the wipe but NOPE (I’m not paid to tell you I love the toilet paper either, it is my own opinion and the White Cloud folks value us having our own thoughts and opinions)!

Join us June 17th 3-4pm CST:

1.  Follow @greenmom @WhiteCloudMom so you can tweet with us and we can follow your questions and see what you’re saying and reply.

2.  Use the hashtag #whitecloudmom after each tweet for us to keep track of the conversations.

3.  We’ll be tweeting about mom related topics like household tips, summer crafts for kids, etc.

4.  Try using this Tweet Grid link I created to help make the party easier to follow.

    What You Can Win:

    Of course there are prizes! Every 10 minutes @whitecloudmom will giveaway a $50 gift card to Walmart, randomly drawn to one participant.  And if you’re smart and you win you could use my coupon for the White Cloud Green Earth toilet paper and stock up like a mad dog recycled content toilet paper and never run out! Wondering why Walmart? White Cloud is exclusively sold at Walmart stores.

    Why not? Great tips for free!

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